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WWE Superstarts = Intellectual Heavy-weights!

December 15, 2006

I’m been claiming for years that intelligence and skill of WWE superstars is severely underrated. I now have proof, many many Wrestlers use Portmanteau’s as their finishing moves here are a few:

  • Perfectplex = Perfect + Suplex used by Mr Perfect
  • AngleLock = Angle + Anklelock used by Kurt Angle
  • Batistabomb = Bastita + Powerbomb used by Batista
  • Vadersault = Vader + Moonsault used by Vader

The most popular form of Wrestling Portmanteau seems to append your name to the word ‘bomb’ i.e. Petebomb. My favourite is probably the Ligerbomb which is performed by a Japanese Wrestler named Jushin Liger. Pictured below (funniest looking Liger I’ve ever seen).

A special Mention should also go to Michael Quackendriver the inventor or the Quackendriver I, II and III, what a trilogy!

The Portanteau creativity of Pro-wrestlers is not just limited to finishing moves, Stone Cold Steve Austin used to famously drink cans of “Steve-weiser” (Steve + Budweiser) after he won a match.

That all for today, catch you later Peteamaniac’s!

Pete Graham xXx