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Change of Address

January 8, 2007

I am moving this blog to, these are the reasons I’m doing this:

  • It will enable me to customise and personalise the blog
  • One of my new years resolutions was to do something with
  • Some readers were getting blocked trying to read blogs at work

Let me know how you find the service on the new address, it was a little slow last night so I may need to change my hosting providers if this happens again.

I will be customising the blog over the next few weeks and adding exciting stuff in general to At the moment the blog is the same as this one as I felt it was best to get it up and running rather than sitting on it for ages.

Pete Graham xXx


Why you shouldn’t get broadband with oneTel

December 19, 2006

On November 21st I called up oneTel to request they transfer my broadband connection from my house in Ironbridge to my parents house, at the time I was informed that this would take up to 21 days. Today is 19th December almost a whole month later and the broadband has not been transferred here is a list of reasons why oneTel are shit and you shouldn’t buy broadband from them:

  • They sent me an email on the 16th December (3 days ago) claiming the broadband had been successfully switched over
  • When I rung them this morning they claimed to have no record of a request to transfer the broadband ever having been made
  • Their “TalkTalk/Onetel Technical Advisor” number 0870 818 8179 doesn’t work
  • Their “Internet Technical Support” number 0845 818 0096 doesn’t work
  • Their “Customer Support” number 0845 818 0505 seems to be permenantly engaged
  • The only number which seems to work is 0845 818 8000 and if you use that you guaranteed to be forwarded through at least 3 departments
  • I have now been informed that I have to wait 48 hours while they “look into” why the broadband hasn’t been transferred
  • They appear to be utterly unable to handle the concept that someone might want to move house
  • If you are joining oneTel you get forwarded to a UK based call-centre, once they’ve “trapped you” as a customer you get forwarded to India
  • They use some god-awful hold music I think its Katie Melua but I could be wrong
  • They use the same song on repeat for their hold music

The really disappointing thing is once you’ve got Broadband set-up with them they offer a pretty good service but its such a pain getting it set-up its really not worth it.

Pete Graham xXx

Back in the Bridge

December 18, 2006

So I’m very happy to be back in Ironbridge for Christmas however I’m not very happy with oneTel. I requested that they transferred my broadband from my house in Ironbridge (which is now being rented out) to my parents house. I also requested that they send me a new installation CD as the one they originally sent was knackered. They’ve not sent me the CD so I am sitting here writing this using dial-up Internet like a man from the past.

I’ve managed to find the drivers online for my broadband modem but its taking absolutely forever to download them on dial-up. When the drivers finally download I’ll be able to see if they actually have swapped the broadband over.

I’ll write a proper blog later if I manage to get the broadband hooked up. I have some great pictures from the Bavarian Beerhouse on Saturday night that need to go up.

Pete Graham xXx

I just wii-ed my pants

December 8, 2006

I’ve watched a few videos about the new Nintendo Wii console online and it looks very exciting, I think I’ll probably buy one in the new year. The consoles name is pronounced “We” incase you didn’t get the amazing Pun in the title of this blog.

Apparently the demand for the console is absolutely huge and many shops are struggling to get their grubby hands on enough consoles to satisfy the Wii-crazy Great British public. Other Wii related news some spackers* have been getting too excited and letting go of the remote while playing and smashing their TV’s hahahah!

Pete Graham xXx

* spacker is used here in the context of the playground insult and is not a reference to actual spastics

Prepare for Futuristic Robotic Penetration!

December 4, 2006

Crazy dog eating South Koreans are predicting 100% market penetration for robots in the home between 2015 and 2020. Heres the full story over at Engadet.

Here are my top 7 robots:

  1. Soundwave from Transformers
  2. The Terminator
  3. R2D2
  4. R.O.B by Nintendo
  5. C3PO
  6. Razor from Robot Wars
  7. Those Sony robot dogs that Michael Jackson likes

Pete Graham xXx

Gmail crashes Firefox 2.0!

December 1, 2006

Yesterday I wrote about how I thought Firefox 2.0 was rubbish because it keeps crashing. Today I have noticed a trend that it seems to crash when Gmail is loading. I remember someone mentioning that Firefox 2.0 didn’t cope very well with large Ajax applications, unfortunately I can’t find where I read this :-(.

This seems a bit odd since Google Services and Firefox normally play pretty nicely together, I hope this gets sorted out soon.

My colleague and Internet entrepreneur George Black is going to the Firefox 2.0 Celebration party in London tonight, maybe he can cause some controversy by telling people that its rubbish!

Pete xXx

FireFox 2.0 is Rubbish!

November 30, 2006

Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of Firefox especially the extensions, but I have been finding version 2.0 pretty unstable, its crashed on me 6 times already this week, where as I always found versions 1-1.5 incredibly reliable.

Each time it crashed I did have a large number of tabs open, probably 12+ but I wouldn’t expect that to crash the browser.

I’m running on Windows XP with these extensions:

  • ColorZilla
  • DOM Inspector
  • FireBug
  • Google Toolbar
  • Live HTTP Headers
  • MeasureIt
  • Talkback
  • Tamper Data
  • Web Developer
  • X-Ray

Has anyone else experienced similar problems with the browser? I’d be interested to hear. Also I never used Opera before but have been using it for testing purposes recently, I find it quite nice.

Pete xXx

Key Remapping Maniacs!!!

November 24, 2006

So last night I wrote a post about a few of buttons of the keyboard that annoy me. To be honest I thought the subject was a little geeky and not many people would read it, turns out its been the most popular post on my blog ever!

A few other keys have been mentioned that other people find annoying if you want to replace other keys on your board (without ripping them off) then try these out:

Below is a ground breaking new keyboard which has been designed for scouser usability in mind:

Pete xXx

Death to Caps Locks!

November 23, 2006

FACT The Caps Lock key is officially rubbish who actually uses it? I know I never do.

Here’s a handy little utility that will turn the Caps Lock key into a 3rd “Ctrl” key, this is especially useful if you use the Vim text editor heavily, which I have been for the past few weeks.

While I’m at whats the “Alt Gr” key supposed to be for? I’m pressing it now! I’m pressing it.. I’m hitting the key like a crazy man and it’s doing bugger all! Rubbish!!!

I’m not entirely convinced by the separate numeric keys on the right of the board either but think I’ve probably talked about Keyboards for long enough now people are probably getting worried.

Pete xXx

Downtime and Pagerank

November 22, 2006

This is a slightly more serious post than normal if your only interested in the comedy banter posts then just go to this address

A few people trying to access the Blog last night may not have been able to. The connection to the site kept timing out, this seemed to be a problem with most WordPress blogs. I experienced this problem myself when I returned from working the guns at the gym and tried to get on the Blog.

I plan to be moving the blog to its own domain soon ( or as the WordPress servers seem a bit slow in general. Moving the blog should enable me to customise it more, I’m planning on adding some extra stuff like galleries too.

And now a quick break down of my Google rankings:

  • Peteamania: Still #1 not really surprising as its a Pretty obscure word.
  • Pete Graham: Yesterday my ranking dropped from #7 to #17 in the evening it went up to #5. Not sure what caused the fluctuation.
  • “Pete Graham”: #5 today was #17 yesterday.

The difference between the bottom two is searching for “Pete Graham” (with quotes) searches for the entire string “Pete Graham” where as Pete Graham (without quotes) searches for pages with the terms Pete and Graham in them. For more information on advanced Google searching have a look at Google Guide Advanced Operators Reference.

People seems to have been loving the Ligers post so I have a follow post planned for later today on other hybrid animals.

Pete xXx