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On the Internet no-one knows you’re a dog

January 4, 2007

My mother and poo enthusiast Kit Graham sent me an email this lunchtime drawing to my attention to a new craze sweeping America, Dog poo art!

While we’re on the subject of dogs one website that’s definite worth checking out is Dog Judo, it’s an animated comic strip which features two dogs with a keen interest in Judo, Power Date 1 is probably my favourite but all the video’s are worth checking out.

As many of you probably already know I am a very keen follower of canine fashion, I think the Judo outfit is a good look for this season but my favourite piece of dog clothing is still the binary-bone humans are stupid t-shirt available on

As I know what big fans you all are of my lists here our my top 8 dog films of all time.

  1. look who’s talking now
  2. turner and hooch
  3. k-9
  4. beethoven
  5. homeward bound
  6. scooby doo
  7. lady and the tramp
  8. 1001 Dalmations

Note: Scooby Doo is CGI so only comes in at #6. Look who’s talking now has John Travolta in it so gets to be #1.

Pete Graham xXx