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Blāk is the new Black

December 5, 2006

Recently I’ve been reading Pete M Grahams blog (he’s not me), on it he reports that coke are planning to release a new product called Coke Blāk. This new beverage will be a cross between traditional coke and coffee. Its aimed at a more mature/sophisticated/maylordian market. Oh and its going to have twice the caffeine of normal coke so is bound to send you turbo!

As many of you are aware I have officially declared Carling C2 the worst drink ever. Recently my obsession with C2 has been growing and I have developed a hatred with any product bearing the name C2. A few years ago Coke released a product called C2 apparently this was rubbish too, I see a pattern emerging! While researching Coke C2 I stumbled upon this site:, it’s a quasi-product-review-site that does quasi reviews of rubbish products.

One of their reviews I particularly enjoyed was the one for the McDonalads McRib, surprisingly this is also rubbish, the photo they have makes it look absolutely disgusting!

  • FACT: The McRib contains no actual Ribs just a flabby piece of pork
  • FACT: It’s rumoured that Freddie Mercury and Prince both had ribs removed so they could suck their own todgers
  • FACT: Freddie Mercury had a Moustache

Pete Graham xXx