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Shocking Becks Vier Discovery

December 13, 2006

After weeks of intensive research my highly dedicated team of scientist have managed to reverse engineer Becks Vier to discover its four ingredients. Brace yourselves the ingredients are:

  • Piss
  • Shit
  • Blood
  • Cum

Below if a picture of my face on receiving this starling news.

Now that I know the secret of the ingredients I plan to start brewing my own version of the larger over Christmas, it shall be named Becks Pierre.

Pete Graham xXx


I love Bock and Roll

December 11, 2006

I managed to get my hands on some pints of Bock on Tap at the Selkirk in Tooting on Friday night. Bock Artois is a 6.2% super-premium larger which completes the Atrois Tri-force of Peeterman Artois and Classic Stella. Bock Artois is a drink shrouded in mystery and urban myth so I would like to confirm a few facts about it.

FACT: Bock is a dark larger somewhat similar in flavour to Duvell
FACT: Drinking Bock is guaranteed to send you turbo! And should only be attempted under the supervision of a responsible adult

Below is a festive photo of me wearing a cardigan with a pint of Bock.

FACT: Chicks dig cardigans

Pete xXx

Blāk is the new Black

December 5, 2006

Recently I’ve been reading Pete M Grahams blog (he’s not me), on it he reports that coke are planning to release a new product called Coke Blāk. This new beverage will be a cross between traditional coke and coffee. Its aimed at a more mature/sophisticated/maylordian market. Oh and its going to have twice the caffeine of normal coke so is bound to send you turbo!

As many of you are aware I have officially declared Carling C2 the worst drink ever. Recently my obsession with C2 has been growing and I have developed a hatred with any product bearing the name C2. A few years ago Coke released a product called C2 apparently this was rubbish too, I see a pattern emerging! While researching Coke C2 I stumbled upon this site:, it’s a quasi-product-review-site that does quasi reviews of rubbish products.

One of their reviews I particularly enjoyed was the one for the McDonalads McRib, surprisingly this is also rubbish, the photo they have makes it look absolutely disgusting!

  • FACT: The McRib contains no actual Ribs just a flabby piece of pork
  • FACT: It’s rumoured that Freddie Mercury and Prince both had ribs removed so they could suck their own todgers
  • FACT: Freddie Mercury had a Moustache

Pete Graham xXx