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Quarter-life Crisis

December 14, 2006

As an active member of the blogosphere I often like to read and contribute to other peoples blogs. Today I was learning how to improve my already amazing levels of productivity by reading 11 Tips for Time Management on Web Worker Daily. A link to a blog called Brazen Careerist caught my eye, being an uber young-professional I thought this sounded right up my street. Whilst reading this blog I came across a new concept: the Quarter-life crisis. To be honest it doesn’t sound half as fun a mid-life crisis, for one it doesn’t involve buying motorbikes and sports-cars or running off with your secretary. Apparently the Quarter-life crisis is becoming increasingly common there’s a good explanation of exactly what it is Wikipaedia.

FACT: The average age for mid-life crisis is 46. Who’s up for buying Harleys and forming a Biker Gang with me 2029?

Pete Graham xXx


Sports Personality of the Year Award is rubbish!

December 8, 2006

I am the only person that thinks the british sports personality of the years award is rubbish? Does anyone actually care who gets it? Apparently Horse Faced Princess Ann’s daughter might win it this year.. wahooo! I’d rather rate poo’s than watch that shit.

  • FACT: Princess Ann opened the Super Dome at TCAT
  • FACT: Pete Graham used to work at TCAT
  • FACT: Pete Graham refused to meet Princess Ann because he thought they should have got a decent sports celebrity like Muhammad Ali, Gary Lineker or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Pete Graham xXx

Spot the difference

December 5, 2006

Lots of people seem almost as excited about Rocky VI as I am. One young man who is extremely excited is regular reader Tommy O. Young Mr Owen has gone and produced another amazing piece of Artwork this time of Rocky Balboa. I think its so realistic I’ve included it here alongside an actual photo, I’m sure you’ll agree that its difficult to tell the difference.

If you have any pictures that you would like to contribute to this blog then send them to me. Click here to see Tom’s beautiful Wolfin drawing.

Pete Graham xXx

Google Craziness and Readers Wolfins

December 1, 2006

There’s a facility in the Blog Admin interface that lets me see what people are searching for on Google to find this blog. Unsurprisingly most people are searching for Peteamania and Pete Graham but a large number of people have been searching for Ligers, Wolphins and hybrid animals. Regular reader Tommy O has sent in his own rendering of a Wolfin so I thought I’d give the people what they want and upload it.

Picture by Thomas Owen, 25 from Tooting.

Someone came across the site yesterday after searching for “how to give a cat a lion cut” not wanting to disappoint here are some great lion cut pictures I came across the other day.

With the ever increasing popularity of pet cat lion-cuts it makes me wonder how long it will be before some gives their pet a liger-cut, this of course would require dying stripes onto the feline as well as cutting the main, but would it be best to dye the stripes before or after cutting? If any readers have novelty hair cuts they’ve given their pets then send them in.

A lot of people have been searching for Becks Vier and Carling C2. I have a team of highly trained scientists working round the clock, attempting to reverse engineer Viers to discover the four mystery ingredients. Expect an update on this next week.

Pictured above a famous scientists and Marty McFly.

Also someone came across the blog yesterday, after searching on google for Kit Graham! Some questions spring to mind;

  • Who was this person?
  • Were they a maths enthusiast?
  • Were they satisfied with the amount of Kit Graham information they found?
  • Was this person infact Kit Graham messing about on Google herself?

The mind boggles! Now I’m gonna make like a tree and leave..

Pete xXx

Creationist Wally’s!

November 24, 2006

I’ve decided to start a new Wally of the week section. The first Creationist Museum in the world will be opening in Kentucky Ohio next year (FACT Kentucky is where KFC Colonel Sanders comes from). This will be the first in the world and is costing 25 million dollars!

Apparently a lot of the money is going to be spent on animatronic dinosaurs which will be shown coexisting with modern humans. Now I think someone has been watching a bit too much Flintstones here. I mean despite the huge amounts of scientific research that show that dinosaurs and modern humans lived millions of years apart, these guys still believe this. Also its obvious to me that these guys have never seen Jurassic Park which proves without any doubt that Humans can’t coexists with dinosaurs.

Anyway whatever floats your boat you crazy creationists! If you want to pay me a few Mill I’ll be happy to wear a T-Rex suit and chase an actor portraying Jesus around your museum. Oh and congratulations for winning Wally of the Week!

Pete xXx

Death to Caps Locks!

November 23, 2006

FACT The Caps Lock key is officially rubbish who actually uses it? I know I never do.

Here’s a handy little utility that will turn the Caps Lock key into a 3rd “Ctrl” key, this is especially useful if you use the Vim text editor heavily, which I have been for the past few weeks.

While I’m at whats the “Alt Gr” key supposed to be for? I’m pressing it now! I’m pressing it.. I’m hitting the key like a crazy man and it’s doing bugger all! Rubbish!!!

I’m not entirely convinced by the separate numeric keys on the right of the board either but think I’ve probably talked about Keyboards for long enough now people are probably getting worried.

Pete xXx

Wolphins, Dolfs, Wolfins and Tommy O

November 22, 2006

In this entry I will continue to cover the fascinating world of hybrid animals. Today we shall be delving into the fantastic aquatic world of seafaring hybrids!

I will be concentrating on Dolphin hybrids the most common of which is the Wolphin pictured below.

The Wolphin is the offspring of a female bottlenose dolpin and a male false killer wale. Much rarer is the Wolfin or Sea Wolf.

The Wolfin is the offspring of a male dolphin with a female wolf. Due to the rarity of the Wolfin I could only find this artists impression rather than an actual photo.

The rarest of all Dolphin hybrids is the Dolf, these beatiful animals are formed by the mating of a female dolphin and a male wolf. Tragically even thought the Dolf’s head is very similar in appearance to a dolphin it does require a snorkel to survive underwater.

I’d like to give a big up to my boy Tommy O “the one man show” who informed me about the cat grooming craze sweeping the nation. Tom is actually a professionally trained feline groom-master and would be more than happy to attend to any of your pussy styling or shaving needs.

Pete xXx

Tortoise Table Explained

November 20, 2006

A few people have contacted requesting further details on how my toirtoise coffee table (mentioned in Saturdays Blog) would work. A picture speaks a thousand words so I have used my amazing paint skills to draw a diagram.

I had a look on to see how much one would cost unfornutately even very small ones seem quite expensive. However I think it needs to be considered that tortoises live a very long time and you would be saving yourself the price of a new coffee table.

I am trying to do at least one Blog post a day, but yesterday was Sunday and I couldn’t be arsed writting anything + I don’t think Jesus would approve of blogging on Sunday. If I have time I should have a great post later today on Ligers.

Pete xXx