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When Giant Avocado’s Attack!

December 11, 2006

I was in the local Tesco’s this afternoon doing my weekly shop and stocking up on Vier’s, when something in the fruit and vegetables aisle caught my eye. For some reason the Tesco’s of Guildford had decided to stock their shelves with the biggest Avocado in the world. The beast of a fruit is pictured below.

FACT: The Avocado like the tomato is technically a Fruit not a vegetable.

I have decided that this Avocado is so big that could have only been produced using Alien Genetic Engineering technologies, in fact I suspect the giant Avocado may even been some form of Alien egg.

Lets analyse the evidence:

  1. Its green; 58% aliens are green
  2. The Checkout girl couldn’t find it on her till so I got it for free (almost like someone or something had planted it in the supermarket for me to find)
  3. Its huge!

I have banned anyone from sitting on the Avocado/Alien-Egg in case that causes it to hatch. I shall be keeping a close eye on it monitoring for any paranormal activities.

Pete Graham xXx