Ironbridge Update

After almost 6 months away from the Ironbridge area and whats changed, well not a huge deal (not that thats a bad thing). The big news on the Ironbridge front is Central Cafe which used to be a greasy spoon is now a Pizza and Kebab shop. I have yet to sample the culinary delights of the new Central Cafe since it shuts at 11pm due to some strange Ironbridge local by-law. However I have promised my good friend Elliott Russell that as a special Christmas treat I will take him there and buy him any Pizza and any can of sprite he desires!

Rolf Leavesly the Mayor of Ironbridge is famous for going “all-out” for Christmas. Once again he has bettered his efforts of the previous Christmas this year he’s gone “all-out” to Australia! However before he left he put a ransom on the Maylord’s head. A reward of the Maylords weight in Gold will be given to the first person to catch the man-beast dead or alive. This all started when the Maylord made derogatory remarks about the Bridge/Town earlier this month. The Maylord has been mysteriously missing since he had the “day from hell” last Friday.

Not much seems to have changed in the Telford area, Telford Town Centre is still a chav-infested shit-hole redeemed only by the spectacular Telford Time Machine attraction. Also the largest Tesco in the World has been built in Wellington. The shop is truly colossal, it is closer in size to a small city rather than a large supermarket. I think it may even be bigger than the giant Argos you pass on the way to Nottingham.

Pete Graham xXx


2 Responses to “Ironbridge Update”

  1. Kyle Nene Says:

    Oh oh! We’ll never hear from olly again! Merry Christmas Mr Graham!

  2. Phevans Says:

    That giant Argos is right over the road from where Caz’s parents live. You see lorries coming and going at all times of the day and night, it’s quite eerie

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