Why you shouldn’t get broadband with oneTel

On November 21st I called up oneTel to request they transfer my broadband connection from my house in Ironbridge to my parents house, at the time I was informed that this would take up to 21 days. Today is 19th December almost a whole month later and the broadband has not been transferred here is a list of reasons why oneTel are shit and you shouldn’t buy broadband from them:

  • They sent me an email on the 16th December (3 days ago) claiming the broadband had been successfully switched over
  • When I rung them this morning they claimed to have no record of a request to transfer the broadband ever having been made
  • Their “TalkTalk/Onetel Technical Advisor” number 0870 818 8179 doesn’t work
  • Their “Internet Technical Support” number 0845 818 0096 doesn’t work
  • Their “Customer Support” number 0845 818 0505 seems to be permenantly engaged
  • The only number which seems to work is 0845 818 8000 and if you use that you guaranteed to be forwarded through at least 3 departments
  • I have now been informed that I have to wait 48 hours while they “look into” why the broadband hasn’t been transferred
  • They appear to be utterly unable to handle the concept that someone might want to move house
  • If you are joining oneTel you get forwarded to a UK based call-centre, once they’ve “trapped you” as a customer you get forwarded to India
  • They use some god-awful hold music I think its Katie Melua but I could be wrong
  • They use the same song on repeat for their hold music

The really disappointing thing is once you’ve got Broadband set-up with them they offer a pretty good service but its such a pain getting it set-up its really not worth it.

Pete Graham xXx


2 Responses to “Why you shouldn’t get broadband with oneTel”

  1. David Goodwin Says:

    I’ve had just as bad problems with Demon – they like Indian call centres for residential customers, but are quite happy to give business customers english people.

    My rant about Demon on my blog

  2. Tommy o The one man show Says:

    end of the day mate theres kids dying in Africa

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