Back in the Bridge

So I’m very happy to be back in Ironbridge for Christmas however I’m not very happy with oneTel. I requested that they transferred my broadband from my house in Ironbridge (which is now being rented out) to my parents house. I also requested that they send me a new installation CD as the one they originally sent was knackered. They’ve not sent me the CD so I am sitting here writing this using dial-up Internet like a man from the past.

I’ve managed to find the drivers online for my broadband modem but its taking absolutely forever to download them on dial-up. When the drivers finally download I’ll be able to see if they actually have swapped the broadband over.

I’ll write a proper blog later if I manage to get the broadband hooked up. I have some great pictures from the Bavarian Beerhouse on Saturday night that need to go up.

Pete Graham xXx


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