Quarter-life Crisis

As an active member of the blogosphere I often like to read and contribute to other peoples blogs. Today I was learning how to improve my already amazing levels of productivity by reading 11 Tips for Time Management on Web Worker Daily. A link to a blog called Brazen Careerist caught my eye, being an uber young-professional I thought this sounded right up my street. Whilst reading this blog I came across a new concept: the Quarter-life crisis. To be honest it doesn’t sound half as fun a mid-life crisis, for one it doesn’t involve buying motorbikes and sports-cars or running off with your secretary. Apparently the Quarter-life crisis is becoming increasingly common there’s a good explanation of exactly what it is Wikipaedia.

FACT: The average age for mid-life crisis is 46. Who’s up for buying Harleys and forming a Biker Gang with me 2029?

Pete Graham xXx


3 Responses to “Quarter-life Crisis”

  1. JT Says:

    Count me in.

  2. petegraham Says:

    We need a cool name if we’re gonna be a Biker gang so we can get it printed on our leather jackets!

  3. Penelope Trunk Says:

    Hi, Pete. Thank you for linking to the quarterlife crisis post. You’ll be happy to know that your quarterlife crisis can still include running off with your secretary — it’s just likely to be your first marriage rather than your second 🙂

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