Exploding Cokes!

I know I’ve already emailed quite a few people about this already but thought I post it here for readers that haven’t seen it yet. It appears that if you put Mentos into Diet-coke it causes an almighty Explosion. I believe Mentos are some type of American mint, my good friend Julian E Prestoon Esquire informs me that it works with other more British mints.

Here’s the first experiment over at Google Video, the second experiment is also worth watching, they explode hundred’s of bottles of diet coke in a domino effect! For people who don’t know what Google Video is; it’s like Youtube but not as good. For people who don’t know what Youtube is; its like Telly but on your computer and not as good.

Being a man of science I plan to conduct some of my own Coke and Mint explosion experiments over the festive season. I’m predicting the Mint in a Coke trick could be for the Naughties what the Salt in a pint of beer gag was for the Nineties.

  • FACT: The technical term for putting Salt in someones pint so it explodes is aSALTing someone.
  • FACT: In some states in American aSALTing someone is a crime punishable by the death sentence
  • FACT: Some Americans tried to ban the Harry Potter books, this is because they are idiots
  • FACT: Americans couldn’t ban Harry Potter because Harry Potter is magic!

Pictured above Harry Potter, he didn’t really have anything to do with Diet Coke, Mentos or this Article.
Pete Graham xXx


One Response to “Exploding Cokes!”

  1. Shaba Says:

    FACT: The mentos/coca cola vid is not infact user generated – but a bit of clever PR by the coca-coal company.
    FACT: Coca-cola are now going to award prizes for the most creative mentos explosions (think sony bravia ad) thus creating free branding and traffic driving.
    FACT: P Diddy and Burger King tried to do a similar free PR spin on youtube but it backfired and made him him look like prat.
    FACT: P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Poo didlidoo is a prat.

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