Shocking Becks Vier Discovery

After weeks of intensive research my highly dedicated team of scientist have managed to reverse engineer Becks Vier to discover its four ingredients. Brace yourselves the ingredients are:

  • Piss
  • Shit
  • Blood
  • Cum

Below if a picture of my face on receiving this starling news.

Now that I know the secret of the ingredients I plan to start brewing my own version of the larger over Christmas, it shall be named Becks Pierre.

Pete Graham xXx


4 Responses to “Shocking Becks Vier Discovery”

  1. vintage champagne Connoisseur Says:

    I bet it isn’t as spectacular as poo in a champagne glass!!

  2. petegraham Says:

    What sort of comedy genius would do such a thing?

  3. David Goodwin Says:

    homebrew++ 🙂

  4. Phevans Says:

    We tried that and got an exception of type BottleExplode

    The second batch was better, mind

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