Avocado update

I’m sure my giant avocado was emitting an eerie green alien luminance last night, very disturbing. Pretty sure its getting bigger too. I’ve discovered that there is a annual Avocado-Fest in California, where a competition is held to find the worlds biggest avocado. I plan to attend Avocado-Fest 2008 and claim the top prize.

Other avocado related news, a woman in America is suing Food Giants Kraft for selling Guacamole which only has 2% Avocado in its ingredients. Kraft is responding by renaming the product “Avocado flavoured”. Here’s the full story. This reminds me of the Americans that sued McDonalds for making them fat, ridiculous! Its like someone trying to sue me for stopping them working because they were reading my blog (ahem, TCAT Maths department/Enthusiasts).

Pete Graham xXx

ps. Anyone planning to sue me don’t bother, I have the same lawyer as OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson.


6 Responses to “Avocado update”

  1. Phevans Says:

    I think that’s an entirely justified suing, I mean how would you feel if you bought some houmus and it was only 2% chick peas?

  2. petegraham Says:

    I just feel that suing Kraft is taking things a bit too far, if you don’t like it then don’t buy it. The stupid woman could have just read the label before she bought it.

    I don’t find it surprising at all that the Avocado content is so low, shop-bought Guacamole is usually horrible. Think they have to ram-a-jam it full of preservatives to stop it going black.

    Can we sue McDonald’s because Ham-burgers contain no ham?

  3. Jimmy B Says:

    A bit like buying a beer and finding its only 2% alcohol

  4. petegraham Says:

    Can we sue Carling for not warning people that C2 is rubbish on the can? I think the cans should have big stickers like the “Smoking Kills” ones of fag packets.

  5. Kyle Nene Says:

    hear about this sueing incident? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6165313.stm

  6. Phevans Says:

    Maybe suing is going a bit far but there has to be some way of making companies stop this madness, what next, cheese spread with no actual cheese in it? Oh hang on . . . .

    Frankly anything at 2% isn’t a beer, it’s an insult and should be labeled as such. “A pint of Carling Insult, bar wench” doesn’t sound cool at all and would soon put a stop to this madness

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