I love Bock and Roll

I managed to get my hands on some pints of Bock on Tap at the Selkirk in Tooting on Friday night. Bock Artois is a 6.2% super-premium larger which completes the Atrois Tri-force of Peeterman Artois and Classic Stella. Bock Artois is a drink shrouded in mystery and urban myth so I would like to confirm a few facts about it.

FACT: Bock is a dark larger somewhat similar in flavour to Duvell
FACT: Drinking Bock is guaranteed to send you turbo! And should only be attempted under the supervision of a responsible adult

Below is a festive photo of me wearing a cardigan with a pint of Bock.

FACT: Chicks dig cardigans

Pete xXx


12 Responses to “I love Bock and Roll”

  1. rom com lover Says:

    I used to ewar cardis son as my mum wouldn’t let me wear a levis jacket.

  2. petegraham Says:

    Dear Rom Com lover ,
    Are you aware that the film “The Holiday” which is currently in cinemas now is a Christmas based Rom-Com? I’ve not seen it but it’s got Fat-faced Jack Black in it.

    Anyway less talk about Rom-com’s I demand more Bock banter!

  3. Jimmy B Says:

    The Bock may not be around for very much longer (I have heard).
    Nice Cardi – I no longer wear them after too much abuse – even the type with a zip up the front, which I strongly believe is not a real cardi so should it come in for a similar level of abuse.

    On the subject of C2, I have to admit to having bought some recently. As a big beer drinker, I get trouble from the missus – so I bought something that wouldn’t get me drunk at all. I am ashamed of myself!

    On the subject of beer, can I point you in the direction of a great web site (a bit oo much info on it, but you can both read and learn aboyut beer, and then go and buy it:

    http://www.specialitybeermerchants.com – I worked with them on a project recently and they are a small band of good people.

    One other thing – I am told that Bock should be served only as a half – did you bully the barman into serving a pint of rocket fuel?

  4. petegraham Says:

    I asked for a pint of Bock and it was served. To be honest I’m not surprised that its only supposed to be served in halves. I’ve had problems trying to get pints on leffe in the past, but in the end they normally give in and serve it.

    Will check out that site later.

    Buying C2, shame on you young man!

  5. Tommy o The one man show Says:

    only simpletons or poofters drink halves

  6. charlie Says:

    I notice Pete that your first and second finger are touchuing and your other two are spread out. You do realise the significance of that pose, don’t you? Be careful in case you are followed home by an admirer.

  7. petegraham Says:

    Well said T.O, have a pint or have nothing there is no half.

    Only exception to this is if ladies insist on drinking beer, they should only be allowed halves or at a push two halves in a pint glass.

  8. Jimmy B Says:


  9. mayham Says:

    Bock is the way forward Peter, Mixed with magners cider its deadly to a level never seen before. I should not be mixed with any beverage that falls in to the loop juice band such as, magners, asphal the 7.5% cider, carling C2 and southern comfort.
    Did you no, that haper adams collage doesn’t serve stella yet it serves C2?

  10. petegraham Says:

    Hhhhmm not sure about the idea of making snakebite with Bock seems like a bit of a waste of a nice pint. Wouldn’t that be snake-bock anyway?

    They seem to be pushing C2 quite heavily at student unions in general, I guess the marketing men figure students will drink anything.

  11. Jimmy B Says:

    My guess is that it would improve the brewer’s image in terms of social responsibility. Also, Students will drink at all times of day (unlike the rest of us who have work to do, and blogs to add to), so I guess C2 would allow them to have a beer between lectures without disasterous effects. However, I am sure that if you walk into a bar and order C2 at Uni, one of your incredibly funny mates is going to take a piss, just a bit.

  12. rob Says:

    To the person who recommended http://www.specialitybeermerchants.com, I would advise against it. I made an order over a month ago that hasn’t arrived and they ignore any emails sent.

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