I just wii-ed my pants

I’ve watched a few videos about the new Nintendo Wii console online and it looks very exciting, I think I’ll probably buy one in the new year. The consoles name is pronounced “We” incase you didn’t get the amazing Pun in the title of this blog.

Apparently the demand for the console is absolutely huge and many shops are struggling to get their grubby hands on enough consoles to satisfy the Wii-crazy Great British public. Other Wii related news some spackers* have been getting too excited and letting go of the remote while playing and smashing their TV’s hahahah!

Pete Graham xXx

* spacker is used here in the context of the playground insult and is not a reference to actual spastics


2 Responses to “I just wii-ed my pants”

  1. Gil Says:

    Excellent title! The Wii is definitley a wiinner! I enjoy playing it as well as the lady. That in itself if an impressive feat. Anyway I think to solve the slipping wiimote issue is that those weak handed people should just purchase the $10 wiimote gloves and the problem should all but disappear. That’s just my thought though.

  2. Phevans Says:

    Phil Sant at work’s brother’s got one, he says it’s very good and he hasn’t had any problems with the wiimote. He bought it in so we could touch it. It’s smaller than I expected but very sexy. Wiis ahoy!

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