Wally Santa Gets the Sack

As it’s now December I decided to pick a particularly festive Wally this Week. A Father Christmas working at Harrods has received the Sack for inappropriate behaviour. It’s reported that the mischievous Father Christmas had made lewd remarks to teenage girls about sitting on his lap among other comments which received numerous complaints. It has not been confirmed if this Santa exposed himself like cross-houses wild-man James “Gibbous” Craig did in 2004. The full story can be read here on Yahoo News Many thanks to Kenny Lee for suggesting this weeks wally and for cooking me a pizza on Tuesday.

This Bad Santa behaviour reminded me of the Festive Comedy “Bad Santa”. Here is a list of my 10 top Christmas Films (lets see if it causes as much controversy as my Top 7 Robots list):

  1. Home Alone 1
  2. Home Alone 2
  3. Die Hard
  4. Scrooged
  5. The Santa Clause (staring Home Improvements Tim Allen)
  6. The Nighmare before Christmas
  7. The Snowman
  8. The Grinch That Stole Christmas
  9. Die Hard 2
  10. Home Alone 3 (for years I refused to watch it due to the lack of Mcauley Culkin, but its actually quite good)

NOTE: Jingle All The Way has not been included as I haven’t seen it. I am ashamed to admit this being a huge Arnie Fan. If anyone would like to lend me a copy then that would make my day!

Also Can anyone confirm if Oliver May look-alike and WWE Superstar the Big Show is in Jingle All The Way as a Giant Santa?

Did anyone see the Christmas Hollyoaks special 2 years ago with Tony Hutchinson as Scrooge, it was absolutely amazing!

Here’s last weeks Wally of the Week.

Pete Graham xXx


8 Responses to “Wally Santa Gets the Sack”

  1. Stewybob Says:

    I’m pretty sure “The Big Show” is in Jingle All The Way, and it is a very good Christmas film. But you have left out two quality Christmas films. First being the classic Santa Claus The Movie with Duddle Moore. And secondly the almighty ELF. The funniest film in year in my view. Discuss!!

  2. Kyle Nene Says:

    have u seen a trailer for a film called “grounded”? it sounds exactly like home alone!

  3. stugs in disguise Says:

    Want a beer boyz! how about a good rom com with papa X’mas in it?

  4. Phevans Says:

    To me Grounded looks like a cross between Home Alone and The Goonies, whilst somehow still managing to be shit 🙂

  5. Tommy o The one man show Says:

    It was on at weekend think pol sky plused it up, I think it is the big show, thats what popped in my head but i did have a snorkel on and was diving quite deep so its hard to say, it is an epic though, where the donald ducks elf in your list,thats well ace.
    Phil are you down at xmas?

  6. petegraham Says:

    Stew: I’ve not seen Elf, I will make sure I watch it this Christmas. Has anyone got a DVD I could borrow? Santa Claus the movie is very good I’d forgotten that one, it should really be in the list instead of Home Alone 3.

    Stugs: Are there any Christmas rom-coms? I can’t think of any but am not a connoisseur of the genre like yourself

    Phevans: how many years in a row have you been the Christmas Gaylord now?

    Tom: Good work on the Snorkelling, tell Pol I’m on my way round to hers to watch Jingle al the Way now.

    Everyone: Does anyone know if Ghost Busters 2 is set a Christmas? I’ve got a feeling it is.

  7. Ryan Says:

    I believe Ghostbusters2 is set at new years eve. If i remember correctley everybody has a big sing song at midnight which helps the ghostbusters because the badness in new york is strengthening the baddy.

  8. Phevans Says:

    Tommy O – of course I’m down at Christmas, Christmas Eve in the Swan without Phil Evans would be like a party without a big loud bender there. The lady’s coming as well for those who haven’t met her.

    PG – I believe Ladbrokes has your brother as odds-on favourite this year?!

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