People have been searching on Google for “Kit Graham” (my mother) again and finding my blog, this really is a very worrying trend. Anyway as I don’t like to disappoint here are some Kit Graham facts for your enjoyment:

  • FACT: Kit Graham was born in Africa
  • FACT: Kit Graham can talk to Elephants
  • FACT: Kit Graham once tried to keep an Elephant in the Garage but Stugs got rid of it after it dented his Toyota Avensis

Pete Graham xXx


7 Responses to “Kitamania!”

  1. tom Says:

    Fact; Kit Graham is the most beautifull and inteligent woman in the world

    Fact; I do not have any Indian in me
    do I want some ?

    Fact; YES

  2. Kit Graham Says:

    Fact: Kit had a pet monkey when she lived in Africa

    Fact: Kit has never been to India but her youngest son has promised to take her there when he is rich

    Fact:She was a child bride!!

  3. tom Says:

    u did not have a pet monkey, im well jealous

  4. Dr Says:

    Fact: Is Kit officially the coolest name in the world, ever! Probably!

  5. Kyle Nene Says:

    any name with “Graham” on the end amplifies the greatness by the G-factor

  6. Kyle Nene Says:

    also, who wouldn’t want to google your mother?

  7. "Aussie" Kit Graham Says:

    Fact: There are less than one million but more than three Kit Graham’s on this earth.

    Fact: As far as I can tell, I’m the only one in Australia.

    Fact: I’m not my imaginative best past midnight.

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