Prepare for Futuristic Robotic Penetration!

Crazy dog eating South Koreans are predicting 100% market penetration for robots in the home between 2015 and 2020. Heres the full story over at Engadet.

Here are my top 7 robots:

  1. Soundwave from Transformers
  2. The Terminator
  3. R2D2
  4. R.O.B by Nintendo
  5. C3PO
  6. Razor from Robot Wars
  7. Those Sony robot dogs that Michael Jackson likes

Pete Graham xXx


15 Responses to “Prepare for Futuristic Robotic Penetration!”

  1. Robocop Says:

    Surely I should have made the top 7 robots if those stupid dogs did.

  2. petegraham Says:

    Your a cyborg not a robot you chump!

  3. Phevans Says:

    What about Johnny 5!


  4. Dr Says:

    What about the robot you could get a kid that carried trays….

    and what about BBC LOGO…how could you forget LOGO

    Right 35, Left 90…great days!

  5. Dr Says:

    What about the robot in your favourite film: Flight of the Navigator. This robot was both funny and full of depth in it’s performance

  6. Kyle Nene Says:


  7. Dr Says:

    Your list is flawed and is lacking considerable thought

  8. Bender Says:

    I am also a great robot and am disgusted to not make it into the top 7. I think the might Dr has got it spot on with his list analysis.

  9. petegraham Says:

    Flight of the Navigator was a great film, yes looking at it now they are some glaring omissions in my top robots list, I will try harder in future. I’m surprised robotics post-graduate Julian E Prestoon doesn’t have anything to say on the subject.

  10. Phevans Says:

    Frankly Pete Graham this poorly researched post has cast doubt on the legitimacy of your entire blog

    > What about the robot you could get a kid that carried trays…

    I had one of them, it was called Omni Junior. That was probably my best Christmas ever

  11. Dr Says:

    OH NO. Omni Junior!!! That’s what they were called! You’re ace for reminding me… I need to search eBay for one now. Thank you so much!

  12. petegraham Says:

    Oh and I forgot that Gizmo Duck from Duck Tales was pretty ace too!

  13. Wizard Says:

    isnt the terminator a cyborg aswell? or are we talking “endoskeleton combat chassis” and not the “living human tissue” part? I was always more scared of the terminator once it had lost its skin….

    does the T-1000 count as a robot? or even as a cyborg??!! surely hes more akin to an evil magician than a mere robot? an evil gandalf if you will.

    What about ED-209 from Robocop? granted he cant deal with stairs but hes no dalek! and he kicked robocops ass!

    loving the picture of ROB though, he was nearly the ultimate NES accessory, beaten only by the NES advantage joystick (i have one, make me an offer!) and of course the utterly useless but strangely menacing joypad glove as featured in 80’s classic the Wizard by some kid who resembled the main bad kid in Karate Kid 1!!

    doesnt ROB look like the love child of Johnny 5 and those weird binocular picture viewer things that everyone had when they were kids?

    make it a top 10 pete, theres to many ace robots!!

  14. petegraham Says:

    Dearest Duckett, all very valid points I shall answer some of them now.

    As Robocop has a partially human brain I consider him a cyborg. The terminator on the other hand is a machine wearing a skin/suit and can operate fully without it (Robo-cop would die without his human parts). The T-1000 is a very good cool, but I thought I should only include one type of Terminator.

    There’s been a huge amount of feedback about my Top Robots list I am planning on a follow up post which will include a much better researched list.

    “I love the power glove its so bad..”

    Ps. I wanted to include Johnny 5 but thought the dicks would go mad if he every saw it!

  15. Wally Santa Gets the Sack « Peteamania Says:

    […] This Bad Santa behaviour reminded me of the Festive Comedy “Bad Santa”. Here is a list of my 10 top Christmas Films (lets see if it causes as much controversy as my Top 7 Robots list): […]

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