Graham’s 4th Law: Red things are Fast!

Graham’s 4th law states that objects coloured red in appearance are capable of achieving potentially higher velocities than the same object with a non-red appearance. In layman’s terms: Red things are helluva fast!

Sports-car makers are well aware of Graham’s 4th law which is why sports cars are often painted red.

Above a picture of a red Toyota Corolla.

Video Game programmers try and emulate real life physics in their games to increase a games realism and create a greater sense of immersion. Because of this you find that red characters/vehicles in video games are often fastest. Fans of Nintendo futuristic racing game F-zero will of course know that King Meteor’s Craft the Super Arrow was by far the fastest Craft in the game.

Graham’s 4th law is not exclusive to Vehicles, Speed Metal guitarists often play red axes as it enables them to play faster solo’s.

Above is a picture of Kerry King of Slayer playing a red axe, apologies for the smallness of the photo but he’s so fast he’s difficult to photograph.

Pete Graham xXx


10 Responses to “Graham’s 4th Law: Red things are Fast!”

  1. Kyle Nene Says:

    this contradicts the “white flash” craft that petemania operates.

  2. petegraham Says:

    Kenny it is true that my car in red would be faster, however the insurance on such a vehicle would be astronomically high, and we all know I’m insured up to my tits!

    It should also be noted that a white car coordinates with iPod’s best and pristine white converse weapons. Also white is officially the most retro-futuristic colour for an automobile.

  3. Kyle Nene Says:

    maybe you should fill the white flash with red items. maybe some red seats, a red ipod sock, red headlights. a liverpool shirt in the back window.

  4. Super Mario Says:

    Itsa me, Mario!

    Ima red and mucha fasta than my slow coach brother luigi!

  5. Luigi Mario Says:

    It’s meya. your brother. mucha gracios. Meya don’t like being called slow, why did iya getta the greenie costume?

  6. petegraham Says:

    I think a red-leather interior on the white flash could make it even sexier than it already is!

    I think lots of Red LCD displays would probably boost the top speed by about 25mph, especially a digital speedometer!

    Possibly some red velvet curtains could be nice too, you just don’t see enough cars with curtains these days..

  7. Phevans Says:

    The important question is, of course, what are Graham’s first three laws?

    If none of them relate to being hella tough then I’m going to be sorely disappointed

  8. petegraham Says:


    You will be pleased to know that Graham’s other laws will be being covered on this very blog over the next couple of months!

    I thought it would be more entertaining covering them in a random order rather that increasing numerical value.

  9. Tommy o The one man show Says:

    did you mean pet mania, youlike that internet joke

  10. Graham’s 7th Law: If its on the Internet then it must be True! « Peteamania Says:

    […] Click here for an explaination of Graham’s 4th Law. […]

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