Gmail crashes Firefox 2.0!

Yesterday I wrote about how I thought Firefox 2.0 was rubbish because it keeps crashing. Today I have noticed a trend that it seems to crash when Gmail is loading. I remember someone mentioning that Firefox 2.0 didn’t cope very well with large Ajax applications, unfortunately I can’t find where I read this :-(.

This seems a bit odd since Google Services and Firefox normally play pretty nicely together, I hope this gets sorted out soon.

My colleague and Internet entrepreneur George Black is going to the Firefox 2.0 Celebration party in London tonight, maybe he can cause some controversy by telling people that its rubbish!

Pete xXx


6 Responses to “Gmail crashes Firefox 2.0!”

  1. Dr Says:

    I agree. It has gone downhill remarkably. Rumours are that Microsoft have invested heavily seem to be true.

  2. Kyle Nene Says:

    have u had problems opening a adobe acobat within firefox? i can never close a tab with it when i do.

  3. Brenda Says:

    I have had the same problem, the latest today; Feb 5; thought it was google, because have no problem with yahoo’s mail, but have just tried to access gmail on a friends computer with safari, and it works, but is still not working with firefox on my computer. Any fix for this?

  4. M) Says:

    I experienced the same problem on gmail and at It just started happening this week, which seems odd. I’ll be checking my extensions to see if there is a conflict. If I return, it is because I found the problem.

  5. dave Says:

    I have also just started to encounter the firefox 2.0 gmail problem starting within the last week or so. Before then, gmail has worked fine with firefox 2.0. Whenever I go to log in to gmail, firefox 2.0 crashes.

    So far, gmail is the only site that gives me this problem…there doesn’t seem to be any explanation as of yet from firefox or gmail addressing the problem.

  6. dave Says:

    Just an update… I’ve fixed my problem with firefox 2 crashing on gmail!

    I had an extension (aka add-on) that seemed to be the culprit. For me it was an extension called Iconix that is meant to work with gmail.

    My suggestion is to disable all your extensions and see if you can get to gmail,
    then either enable them one at a time and see which one causes the conflict, or disable any newly installed ones and see if you can get to gmail. You’ll have to restart firefox several times, but it’s worth it to get it figured out!

    Hope this helps!

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