Pregnant Man – Wally of the Week

Charles Sibindana stole a certificate from a clinic during his pregnant girlfriend’s check-up. He substituted his own details in and took time-off work (7 days). However his employers noticed that the note was from a gynaecologist and have fined him. Congratulations Charles you are this weeks Wally of the Week!

Above a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger being touched by a ugly troll. This picture was taken from the hilarious 1994 film Junior where Arnold plays a pregnant man.

  • FACT: Arnold Schwarzenner played Danny Devito twin brother in the hilarious 1988 film Twins
  • FACT: Arnold and Danny Devito are not really twins
  • FACT: Arnold has never actually been pregnant but could be if he really wanted to

While researching the film Junior I stumbled upon the website The Four World Film Review. As the name suggests people get to submit film reviews but can only use 4 words or less. Here are some of my favourite junior reviews:

  • Conan the Ovarian
  • Arnieficially inseminated
  • Conan the boob Aryan
  • The Materni-nator
  • Schwarzen-preggers

More observant readers will have noticed they are all amazing puns! If you have any suggestions for next weeks wally then drop me an email. Heres a link to last Weeks Wally in case you missed it.

Pete xXx


2 Responses to “Pregnant Man – Wally of the Week”

  1. Kyle Nene Says:

  2. New Rocky Film: It’s gonna be ace? « Peteamania Says:

    […] Talking about exciting action film sequels it’s also been confirmed that a 3rd Conan film will be made in 2007. Not many details are known about the film currently however it is unlikely that Arnold Schwarzenegger will play Conan as he is busy Governing California and driving Hybrid Hummers. It’s rumoured that big nosed WWE superstar Triple H may play King Conan, other Internet websites are circulating rumours that Pete Graham has been offered the role. At this point in time we cannot confirm or deny these claims. […]

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