FireFox 2.0 is Rubbish!

Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of Firefox especially the extensions, but I have been finding version 2.0 pretty unstable, its crashed on me 6 times already this week, where as I always found versions 1-1.5 incredibly reliable.

Each time it crashed I did have a large number of tabs open, probably 12+ but I wouldn’t expect that to crash the browser.

I’m running on Windows XP with these extensions:

  • ColorZilla
  • DOM Inspector
  • FireBug
  • Google Toolbar
  • Live HTTP Headers
  • MeasureIt
  • Talkback
  • Tamper Data
  • Web Developer
  • X-Ray

Has anyone else experienced similar problems with the browser? I’d be interested to hear. Also I never used Opera before but have been using it for testing purposes recently, I find it quite nice.

Pete xXx


6 Responses to “FireFox 2.0 is Rubbish!”

  1. Phevans Says:

    Hmmm I’ve actually found it more stable, and the memory usage is much better which is nice. I frequently run with 20+ tabs so it’s not that and I’ve got 20 extensions, including most of yours.

    Have you tried rebuilding your profile? If you’ve had the same profile for a while it might be getting a bit crufty, worth a shot eh?

  2. Kyle Nene Says:

    i find after running it for a while my whole computer slows down, and when you actually close firefox it still remains running and you have to close it manually in task manager.

  3. petegraham Says:

    Glad I’m not the only one having problems with it Kenny. I do like some of the new features. The spell checking in text areas is really nice, but all the nice little features in world are no good if it’s not going to run stably. Maybe they rushed it out to compete with IE 7?

    Pheavns what 20 extensions are you running, any gems we should know about? Haven’t bothered rebuilding my profile as I’ve only been using this machine 4 months so I doubt that would be the problem.

  4. Em Says:

    The words “crap” “shite” and “Firefox” have been used in the same sentance a number of times by myself this week. I now only use it when I have to configure stuff, I use IE7 for everything else.

  5. Gmail crashes Firefox 2.0! « Peteamania Says:

    […] Yesterday I wrote about how I thought Firefox 2.0 was rubbish because it keeps crashing. Today I have noticed a trend that it seems to crash when Gmail is loading. I remember someone mentioning that Firefox 2.0 didn’t cope very well with large Ajax applications, unfortunately I can’t find where I read this :-(. […]

  6. the o cho Says:

    nerd alert to all of you, ive got no pam grier what youre on about and would appreciate if this thing was kept more tommy o friendly, I know ive got ktty g’s blessing for this. isnt there a bar you can go to on a tuesday to talk about computers, all u need in life is a snorkel and gods good will.

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