Stella have released a 4% beer called Peeterman Artois to compete against Becks Vier. The beer is served in a exquisite goblet like glass and has a slightly fruitier taste than traditional Stella Artois. When questioned if the Peeterman name was a reference to the increasingly popular Peteamania blog Stella representatives had this to say:

“The Peeterman name is entirely coincidental however we are a big fan of that blog and Pete Graham in general”

Whilst drinking some Peeterman at the weekend it got me wondering why Stella never realised a Super-stella ultra premium larger to add to their increasing beverages range. Some Internet research revealed that there is a magical drink named Stella Artois Bock, this is a 6.2% stella (normal stell is 5%), apparently Bock was released in may last year, however it proved too dangerous for human consumption and was promptly withdrawn. Stella bock mysteriously disappeared from brewing history in the late 1950’s, it was purely by chance that the recipe was rediscovered in early naughties. Apparently Bock was once the drink of choice of the Leuven intellectual elite until they all got hammered and decked each other. If anyone knows anywhere that sells Bock on tap then let me know as I would love to sample some.

Pete xXx


11 Responses to “Peeterman(ia)”

  1. Tommy o The one man show Says:

    the selkirk you doughnut

  2. petegraham Says:

    Do they do it in the Selkirk? we’re striking some next Friday if they do. We’ll get Atkins a Bock shandy, he’ll be hammered!

  3. Phevans Says:

    Funny but having never heard of this Bock malarky before we were at Makro restocking the work tuck shop and there it was in boxes of 12. Can probably get hold of some if you want?

  4. kirby Says:

    look no futher and than your local sainsburys SUPERmarket its all they sell these days!

  5. Meehan Says:

    I feel that a 4% stella would not fit into the drinking culture of Team stella racing, flatout or legless, who in an average weekend that starts on a thursday away racing or in the shrewsbury drink there way throught 1.5 gallons on stella per person.

  6. petegraham Says:

    Is that 1.5 gallons in a night or in a whole weekend? if its a whole weekend (especially thurs -sun) then its not that impressive. If its one night then I take my hat of to you my good man, but I empathise with your wife!


  7. mayham Says:

    Its only a average but mostly its about 8 -12 pints a night plus sprits,

  8. JimmyB Says:

    Artois Bock. I think, is available on draught in the fine beer establishment called De Hems in soho – at least it certainly was a few months back – also available there are some other beers on Draught worthy of note:

    Maredsous Belgian Blonde (from the makers of the world’s best beer; Duvel (Moortgat).

    Peeterman Artois – likely to be ‘slagged’ off by haters of large brewers, but an exciting beer non the less.

    Imported Oranjeboom

  9. petegraham Says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    I’ll have to check that out next time I’m in soho. I quite like Peeterman Artois but I had noticed that the people over at were slagging it off (

    Can’t get enought of that Oranjeboom! I always like to rack some of that in when its £5 for 8 cans at Iceland.

    Yes Duvel is very good, I’ve had a few nights going Turbo off that stuff!

  10. Warped R Stoned Says:

    Normal Stella Artois is 5.2%, I can’t believe you got that wrong. For shame!

  11. I love Bock and Roll « Peteamania Says:

    […] I managed to get my hands on some pints of Bock on Tap at the Selkirk in Tooting on Friday night. Bock Artois is a 6.2% super-premium larger which completes the Atrois Tri-force of Peeterman Artois and Classic Stella. Bock Artois is a drink shrouded in mystery and urban myth so I would like to confirm a few facts about it. […]

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