Half Lion, half Tiger, all Terror!

I have been doing more research about the Liger, I have come across an amazing group that call themselves the Anti-Liger Alliance. Here are some amazing facts from their website:

  • FACT: Ligers are the biggest cats in the universe. They grow to up to 1500 lbs. and 12 ft. long.
  • FACT: Ligers can run as fast, or even faster than a 1986 Toyota Corolla (thats helluva fast!)
  • FACT: Ligers are deadly killing machines. Ligers can kill a man in 0.7 seconds and devour him in less than 4.6 seconds.
  • FACT: Ligers can dodge bullets.
  • FACT: Ligers have only one weakness: fire

Pete xXx


6 Responses to “Half Lion, half Tiger, all Terror!”

  1. kit Says:

    Very informative
    but Who invented LIGERS?

  2. Tommy o The one man show Says:

    I invented ligers kit, once a lions got a few viers in him hell pretty much do anything or one,

  3. Ryan Says:

    Is the toyota corolla faster than your average delorean? In which case could we strap some kind of flux capacitor to a ligers back and travel through time? It’s coming upto christmas and would love to have a hoverboard.

  4. jasmine ringe Says:

    the liger is so so pretty even though it is big!i wish i had one if i knew how to handle it!i think it is really cool!

  5. drewcypher Says:

    for more info on ligers check out:


    Love The Ligers R.U.F.C.

  6. ur dad Says:

    ur mum and me

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