Passive Drunkenness

I’ve observed a behavioural trend which I have coined Passive Drunkenness. This appears to occur when a sober individual is out for the duration of the evening with people who are drinking. As the night progresses the sober person will display similar traits to the people under the influence of alcohol. I witnessed this happen in real life last night when a completely sober John Atkins came out with the outrageous quote of “I’d love to spunk in that bird.. I’d explode! And then it’s come out of her mouth!” Hell of lad!

Pete xXx


4 Responses to “Passive Drunkenness”

  1. Phevans Says:

    I have to agree with this theory. Witness your brother the No-Drinks, he’s more of a buffoon than anyone the further the night goes on. During my own brief flirtation with sobriety I also noticed this phenomenon, though that could have been due to the sugar rush from all the bobby dazzlers

  2. kit Says:

    I remember the night Phil got drunk on J2O!!!
    As for Pete’s sibling, when is he going to recognise the errors of his evil non-drinking. Stugs very disappointed.

  3. Warped R Stoned Says:

    I thought this was going to be about some method of drinking 35 Stellas and not getting violent, ah well the search continues….

  4. petegraham Says:

    Eddie I’d imagine if you drank 35 Stell’s you’d pass out on your bed fully clothed with your feet on the floor but back on the bed with the door open.

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