Creationist Wally’s!

I’ve decided to start a new Wally of the week section. The first Creationist Museum in the world will be opening in Kentucky Ohio next year (FACT Kentucky is where KFC Colonel Sanders comes from). This will be the first in the world and is costing 25 million dollars!

Apparently a lot of the money is going to be spent on animatronic dinosaurs which will be shown coexisting with modern humans. Now I think someone has been watching a bit too much Flintstones here. I mean despite the huge amounts of scientific research that show that dinosaurs and modern humans lived millions of years apart, these guys still believe this. Also its obvious to me that these guys have never seen Jurassic Park which proves without any doubt that Humans can’t coexists with dinosaurs.

Anyway whatever floats your boat you crazy creationists! If you want to pay me a few Mill I’ll be happy to wear a T-Rex suit and chase an actor portraying Jesus around your museum. Oh and congratulations for winning Wally of the Week!

Pete xXx


3 Responses to “Creationist Wally’s!”

  1. Phevans Says:

    Don’t start me on bloody creationists, I tell thee

  2. Si Says:

    Jurassic Park taught us that humans with big guns get eaten by dino’s, cave men would have been ripped apart and we would have never been able to magically appear by the dancing genie. Creationism, the belief of optimist. Shit happens get over it.

  3. Pregnant Man – Wally of the Week « Peteamania Says:

    […] More observant readers will have noticed they are all amazing puns! If you have any suggestions for next weeks wally then drop me an email. Heres a link to last Weeks Wally in case you missed it. […]

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