Death to Caps Locks!

FACT The Caps Lock key is officially rubbish who actually uses it? I know I never do.

Here’s a handy little utility that will turn the Caps Lock key into a 3rd “Ctrl” key, this is especially useful if you use the Vim text editor heavily, which I have been for the past few weeks.

While I’m at whats the “Alt Gr” key supposed to be for? I’m pressing it now! I’m pressing it.. I’m hitting the key like a crazy man and it’s doing bugger all! Rubbish!!!

I’m not entirely convinced by the separate numeric keys on the right of the board either but think I’ve probably talked about Keyboards for long enough now people are probably getting worried.

Pete xXx


11 Responses to “Death to Caps Locks!”

  1. Si Says:

    Caps has its uses in programming, the nameing standards you have to keep to sometimes means you have lots up uppercase to do.. all the alt gr seems to do is sometime jam up my system into keeping the right mouse clicked?? so that can def go, I agree all rubbish

  2. petegraham Says:

    If you program I presume you touch-type, I find it easier to just hold shift with one of the little fingers.

  3. Phevans Says:

    I agree about caps lock but alt-gr is useful, it stands for “alternate graphic” which means you can use it to get at the euro symbol (€) as well as other useful things.

    The num pad is amazingly useful, when you’ve spent many depressing months doing data entry as I did you get very very quick at inputting large lists of numbers very accurately. Couldn’t do without it!

    PS vim rules

  4. petegraham Says:

    What else can you use “Alt Gr” for apart from “€” and “Β¦”? How often do you you use the Euro symbol anyway?

    I can see why you might need the separate numeric pad if you were doing large amounts of purely numeric data input but for majority of users I feel it’s pretty useless. Again if you can touch type I find its as easy to reach the numbers above the home keys rather than move your hand over to the numeric input pad.

  5. elliott Says:

    the number key was essential when i was working at RBS!
    those cats are krazee about it !

  6. Warped R Stoned Says:

    Dear Pete,

    I think you (and the rest of the internet) are forgetting the singularly most useless key to ever grace a keyboard is the Insert key (fucker), that mother Fucker pissed me off for years.

    As you know I am posh as fuck and consequently my little finger sticks out perpendicular from my right hand from holding many, many glasses of Pimm’s at the Queen’s garden parties, consequently when one touch types I occasionally press the fucker. However the Insert key is a sly fuck and you won’t know its pressed until you go to edit something and then BAM every time you type it deletes the thing in front of it! I was confused for years ’till someone spotted the culprit. Since then I have broken the bastard off every keyboard I own. So who’s laughing now?

    Warped R Stoned xxx

    P.S. I have a bunch sitting in my filing cabinet at work if anyone wants them!

  7. Key Remapping Maniacs!!! « Peteamania Says:

    […] So last night I wrote a post about a few of buttons of the keyboard that annoy me. To be honest I thought the subject was a little geeky and not many people would read it, turns out its been the most popular post on my blog ever! […]

  8. Tommy o The one man show Says:

    to do a capital letter if you not a computer geek

  9. David Goodwin Says:

    If you dislike the useless keys, perhaps you should buy a happy hacker (or similar) keyboard? They’re only 100ish quid from somewhere like the Linux Emporium, and they’ll /obviously/ make you more productive, have a better sex life, and rich.

    On the other hand, you could just buy a compact keyboard – I’ve used two (mainly for servers) but find them slightly too small to be comfortable (it’s almost like using a small laptop for long periods of time)


  10. Si Says:

    Yes sometimes if I’m doing a word in CAPS then i’ll just hold the shift but sometimes when I’ve gotta do multiple words then I’ll live on the edge and go CAPS πŸ™‚

    Just to add the numpad is damm near essential however and I find it hard to belive that when talking about useless keys noone has mentioned Scroll lock.. if there ever was a defunked key from the DOS days that is it. And it has it’s own led aswell.. come on..

    Pete I remember reading something about how to get people to comment on your blog, the golden rule – express an opinion that goes against something everyone relates to. My next post, `Why I hate puppies`

  11. Alan T Says:

    i have been staggered to learn over the last few months how many people do not use regular shift keys to type even single cap characters – they hit caps lock, then the letter, then caps lock again.

    srly – i see this all the time in supporting users at my work. esp obvious in a mac when you are “remote”d in watching ppl type in password fields. the caps lock symbol blips up while they type that (mandated by password security) caps letter.


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