Wolphins, Dolfs, Wolfins and Tommy O

In this entry I will continue to cover the fascinating world of hybrid animals. Today we shall be delving into the fantastic aquatic world of seafaring hybrids!

I will be concentrating on Dolphin hybrids the most common of which is the Wolphin pictured below.

The Wolphin is the offspring of a female bottlenose dolpin and a male false killer wale. Much rarer is the Wolfin or Sea Wolf.

The Wolfin is the offspring of a male dolphin with a female wolf. Due to the rarity of the Wolfin I could only find this artists impression rather than an actual photo.

The rarest of all Dolphin hybrids is the Dolf, these beatiful animals are formed by the mating of a female dolphin and a male wolf. Tragically even thought the Dolf’s head is very similar in appearance to a dolphin it does require a snorkel to survive underwater.

I’d like to give a big up to my boy Tommy O “the one man show” who informed me about the cat grooming craze sweeping the nation. Tom is actually a professionally trained feline groom-master and would be more than happy to attend to any of your pussy styling or shaving needs.

Pete xXx


5 Responses to “Wolphins, Dolfs, Wolfins and Tommy O”

  1. tom Says:

    sweet entry mate,did you hear what happened when they bred a bulldog with a shitsu …

    they got a bell shit

  2. Ryan Says:

    For the love of all things pure please don’t encourage “the one man show”. He’s bad enough at the best of times. This can be seen in the above post where he got a bit over excited and school boyed his own punchline. Bad form.

  3. kirby Says:

    i remember the days when i used to let tom groom my pussy! oh the memories xx

  4. Warped R Stoned Says:

    Dear Pete,

    Um, did anyone else notice how ‘tom’ if that’s his real name managed to screw up a common or garden Christmas cracker joke?

    WTF is a bell shit?

    Christ. You just can’t get the staff these days…


    Warped R Stoned xxx

  5. petegraham Says:

    Yes I noticed Tom’s cock-up on the joke there. That’s Tommy O as in the guy Gibblets hates cos he tried in on with Harriet.

    To Tommy O’s credit he does claim to be dyslexic, apparently this is a posh word for the kids we called spackers at school.

    Pete xXx

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