Downtime and Pagerank

This is a slightly more serious post than normal if your only interested in the comedy banter posts then just go to this address

A few people trying to access the Blog last night may not have been able to. The connection to the site kept timing out, this seemed to be a problem with most WordPress blogs. I experienced this problem myself when I returned from working the guns at the gym and tried to get on the Blog.

I plan to be moving the blog to its own domain soon ( or as the WordPress servers seem a bit slow in general. Moving the blog should enable me to customise it more, I’m planning on adding some extra stuff like galleries too.

And now a quick break down of my Google rankings:

  • Peteamania: Still #1 not really surprising as its a Pretty obscure word.
  • Pete Graham: Yesterday my ranking dropped from #7 to #17 in the evening it went up to #5. Not sure what caused the fluctuation.
  • “Pete Graham”: #5 today was #17 yesterday.

The difference between the bottom two is searching for “Pete Graham” (with quotes) searches for the entire string “Pete Graham” where as Pete Graham (without quotes) searches for pages with the terms Pete and Graham in them. For more information on advanced Google searching have a look at Google Guide Advanced Operators Reference.

People seems to have been loving the Ligers post so I have a follow post planned for later today on other hybrid animals.

Pete xXx


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