Good News For People That Like Good News

I submitted my blog to Google yesterday and the site is now showing up in their listings, at the time of writing this I am:

#1 for Peteamania
#7 for Pete Graham

We’ll have to work on the Pete Graham rating but at least I’ve gone in on the first page. I was disappointed to find out that I am nowhere to be seen on the Google Image search for Pete Graham.

I am delighted to see that still has the #1 spot when you search for para in wenners even thought Wilf made the site private about a year ago.

My mySpace profile comes up #2 when searching for Peteamania, in fact mySpace seems to get indexed absolutely loads by Google. Not really that strange considering it’s one of the most popular sites on the Internet, except when I checked about 6 months ago mySpace profiles weren’t being registered by Google at all, hhhmmm.

Other good news, Cookie found my jacket last night, that I thought got nicked on Friday night. Apparently it was at the bottom of his suitcase all along. Not sure how it got in there, probably part of his plan to steal my clothes and see me naked.

Pete xXx


4 Responses to “Good News For People That Like Good News”

  1. Kyle Nene Says:

    My new soft rock band is called “the google dolls”

  2. petegraham Says:

    I hope its brian adams style softrock!

  3. Warped R Stoned Says:

    Dear Pete,

    I don’t mean to give the game away and sound like an anti-globalization tree hugging hippy piece of crap. However to explain why myspace is now on google, check out who owns the site now. It sure ain’t that insipient piece of crap myspace Tom!


    Warped R Stoned xxx

  4. shelly Says:

    i love those curtains!

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