Cat Grooming

Apparently Cat Grooming is going to be the next big thing. I have included a picture of a cat with a very fashionable Lion Cut, check it out:

So what are you waiting for get grooming your pussies today, all the cool kids are doing it!

Pete xXx


8 Responses to “Cat Grooming”

  1. Wilf.G Says:

    Hey pete…

    love the blog….. keep the pics of incredible pussy coming!!

    shaven too..


  2. Kit Graham Says:

    I love yuor blog. You obviously were brought up by wonderful and intelligent parents.

  3. Tommy o The one man show Says:

    was kit graham raised by ligers, is this why she is so magical and mystical

  4. charlie Says:

    Hi Pete
    Do you want to see my shaved sheep so you can add them to your blog. I’ll give you an email next year when I am doing them.

  5. Dr Says:

    I pity the fool…who doesn’t shave their pussy…

  6. Dr Says:

    I think some pussies mimicking Mr T are the most fashionable

  7. Wolphins, Dolfs, Wolfins and Tommy O « Peteamania Says:

    […] I’d like to give a big up to my boy Tommy O “the one man show” who informed me about the cat grooming craze sweeping the nation. Tom is actually a professionally trained feline groom-master and would be more than happy to attend to any of your pussy styling or shaving needs. […]

  8. Warped R Stoned Says:

    Dear Pete,

    Does that cat not look like its going to savage the next idiot to approach it with any sort of hair removal apparatus? Either that or its going for the photographers pulsating jugular, who’d be guilty by association.

    If anyone tried to shave my hair to make me look like a Lion, I’d be like hey hairdresser, you better not…..No I’d be like, Oi hairdresser if you….

    Oh shit this is going nowhere, I’ve never been to a hairdresser because I am a Lion…..GRRRRRRR, here me roar

    Damn I thought this was going to be funnier than it was. I hate that.


    Warped R Stoned xxx

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