Tortoise Table Explained

A few people have contacted requesting further details on how my toirtoise coffee table (mentioned in Saturdays Blog) would work. A picture speaks a thousand words so I have used my amazing paint skills to draw a diagram.

I had a look on to see how much one would cost unfornutately even very small ones seem quite expensive. However I think it needs to be considered that tortoises live a very long time and you would be saving yourself the price of a new coffee table.

I am trying to do at least one Blog post a day, but yesterday was Sunday and I couldn’t be arsed writting anything + I don’t think Jesus would approve of blogging on Sunday. If I have time I should have a great post later today on Ligers.

Pete xXx


2 Responses to “Tortoise Table Explained”

  1. Warped R Stoned Says:

    Dear Pete,

    I love how photo realistic you have managed to get your mspaint rendition of the tortoise table.

    So realistic in fact it would appear that ‘The Maylord’ in classic ‘Maylordian’ fashion managed to miss the table with his cup of coffee and is singing his knackers with the scalding brew. Just look at the grimace, that’s gotta hurt!

    I can’t stress it enough exceptional picture quality šŸ˜‰


    Warped R Stoned xxx

  2. rachael Says:

    those lincoln navigators are hot!

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