“It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed. Bred for its skills in magic”

I was planning to buff-out tonight but am staying in as I feel a bit tired, so as promised here’s my entry about Ligers!

I was amazed to find out today that Ligers are infact real animals, I thought they were a mythical beast. Here are Pete’s top liger facts!

  • FACT: Ligers are the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger
  • FACT: Ligers have Tiger like stripes but rarely have manes
  • FACT: Ligers like to swim like tigers but are sociable like lions
  • FACT: Ligers been know to grow far bigger than lions and tigers

Below is a picture of a real-life liger:

Here is the Napolean Dynamite drawing of the liger from the film for comparison:

Pete xXx


20 Responses to ““It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed. Bred for its skills in magic””

  1. Tommy o The one man show Says:

    Bit odd how it hasnt got a maie as its a man lions offspring, but what an amazing creature, get a pic of the wolphin.

  2. Phevans Says:

    I’ve always been more a fan of Tigons, myself

  3. Kit Graham Says:

    Did you know that Ligers are Indian!!

  4. Warped R Stoned Says:

    Dear Pete,

    As with all half-breed animals a Liger would be sterile, so as with a castrato, if you can’t get some, you just eat some instead and thus become huge!

    Questions of the day;
    Do you think Olly is half man half Lion (I obviously mean the Lion out of the Wizard of Oz)?

    Have you seen the half domestic cat, half tiger cross? They have all the looks of a tiger but the size of a cat and they are ferociously expensive.


    Warped R Stoned xxx

  5. petegraham Says:

    Eddie, I was going to wait till later to respond to your posts but absolutely creased when I saw the Olly comment!

    Yeh I’ve seen those domestic tiger cats, it was on TV celebrities were buying them for phenomenal amounts of moolah.. well they are pretty cool.

    Check out wikipeadia it’s got a few explanations about why Ligers get so big, also I’m sure it says that some certain sorts of ligers can reproduce.

    Pete xXx

  6. Half Lion, half Tiger, all Terror! « Peteamania Says:

    […] I have been doing more research about the Liger, I have come across an amazing group that call themselves the Anti-Liger Alliance. Here are some amazing facts from their website: […]

  7. Google Craziness and Readers Wolfins « Peteamania Says:

    […] There’s a facility in the Blog Admin interface that lets me see what people are searching for on Google to find this blog. Unsurprisingly most people are searching for Peteamania and Pete Graham but a large number of people have been searching for Ligers, Wolphins and hybrid animals. Regular reader Tommy O has sent in his own rendering of a Wolfin so I thought I’d give the people what they want and upload it. […]

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  12. spencer Says:

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