C2 Strikes Back

My sources tell me that C2 has returned! Apparently there is an offer in the sun giving away 4 packs for free. Well you need to give that shit away no-one gonna buy that piss in a can.

I was out in Hammersmith last night, the bar/club I was in didn’t have a cloak room and some chump stole my jacket, grrrhhhh. Whoever you are you know your not gonna pull that jacket off as well as Pete Graham!

I have been thinking about buying a pet recently, thinking I’ll probably buy a giant tortoise so it can double as a coffee table.

Pete xXx


5 Responses to “C2 Strikes Back”

  1. Kyle Nene Says:

    how would the physics of putting your cup of coffee on a giant tortoise work pete? would it not simply slide of the tortoise? does a giant turtle have a level shell therefore enabling the stable resting place cups of tea require? or is it so you could put your can of C2 on it, then it slides off spilling everywhere and providing an excuse not to drink it?

  2. petegraham Says:

    Kenny a few people have been asking for more information on how the tortoise-coffee table hybrid would work. I am planning to draw a diagram in paint and include it in my blog entry later today.

    I don’t think a turtle would work very well as a coffee table as they have the ability to move much faster, I think they require a wet environment to survive also. In contrast a tortoise is very slow and actually hibernates for a large percentage of the year, making it ideal.

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    […] Peteamania boys don’t cry « C2 Strikes Back […]

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    […] Other good news, Cookie found my jacket last night, that I thought got nicked on Friday night. Apparently it was at the bottom of his suitcase all along. Not sure how it got in there, probably part of his plan to steal my clothes and see me naked. […]

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    […] As many of you are aware I have officially declared Carling C2 the worst drink ever. Recently my obsession with C2 has been growing and I have developed a hatred with any product bearing the name C2. A few years ago Coke released a product called C2 apparently this was rubbish too, I see a pattern emerging! While researching Coke C2 I stumbled upon this site: theimpulsivebuy.com, it’s a quasi-product-review-site that does quasi reviews of rubbish products. […]

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