I received quite a bit of feedback about my last blog entry complementing me on my excellent Becks Vier pun, therefore todays entry will contain a number or high quality puns for your enjoyment.

It’s been in the news this week that some free-range eggs being sold in Britain may in fact be scummy battery farmed eggs. Quite frankly when I read about this I was disgusted, I mean could someone eggsplain to me how this could happen? Nutritionists argue that free-range eggs are better for our health, animal rights protesters campaign that it is kinder to the animals to let them roam free. Therefore free-range eggs are more eggspensive. It makes me eggstremely angry to think that I may have paid eggtortionate prices for organic free-range eggs when in fact I was eating battery farmed poo.

It sickens me that charlatans would try and sell fraudulent eggs to the unsuspecting public, is nothing sacred anymore! Surely a crime so ghastly as this is just cause to bring back hanging! I have decided the only way to avoid mistakenly eating battery eggs is to stop eating chicken eggs entirely. I am planing to swap and start eating Ostrich eggs instead.

FACT: Ostrich’s are too big to be but in cages so you can’t battery farm their eggs.
FACT: You can’t argue with the facts!

If anyone can recommend a retailer that sells hight quality Orstrich eggs then please pass their details onto me. To read more about the Eggs scandal click here. Feel free to add your own egg puns in the comments section. Also if you would like to drop any of the puns I used in this article into conversation to impress your friend/family/co-workers then be my guest, I stole most of them from childrens TV and Christmas cracker anyway.

Pete xXx


3 Responses to “Eggsploitation!”

  1. petegraham Says:

    I’d also like to add that chicks digg puns, eggspecially egg based puns!

    Pete xXx

  2. Phevans Says:

    And that’s no yolk!

  3. Kyle Nene Says:

    did i tell u i went to the neighbours bar? mershell and connor have left 🙂

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