The Vier Witch Project

Regular Becks beer seems to have disappeared recently and has been replaced by some strange beverage named Becks Vier. Becks Vier is being advertised quite heavily at the moment, all the adverts I’ve seen revolve around the number 4 and the concept that the drink is 4% alcohol. These billboards sent shivers up my spine when I first saw them as they reminded me of the dreadful Carling C2 larger of a few years ago (officially worst drink ever). Cs’s gimmick was it had only 2% alcohol so you can drink more of it and drive, legally. Not a bad concept unfortunately it tasted of stale piss (even more so than “classic” Carling) so it bombed, haha! A 4% beer however is neither particular strong or weak so the plot thickens..

Now Vier means 4 in German, a quick bit of Google research also reveals that Becks Vier is brewed using only 4 ingredients, this is starting to make a bit more sense. But the adverts do not draw attention to either of these facts they just push the Number 4 gimmick in general. Does this advertising work? does it somehow embed a deep rooted urge to purchase Vier somewhere in your sub-concious? Well it worked on me as I bought a crate of Vier from the Supermarket the other day.

When I got home to drink my Vier’s I was disgusted to find the cans were vier-y small, only 375ml! There seems to be a disturbing trend these days with selling beers in cans/bottles of decreasing sizes. Take the recent Grolsch Dutch bottles campaign. Yes look at the bottles lovely embossed logo on the side, hopefully you’ll get so distracted that you’ll not notice that its only 300ml! Are Grolsch suggesting dutch people are midgets or that they just can’t drink?

Any way back to the Viers.. 375 seems a very non-standard can size. You’d think if they really wanted to push the whole “Number 4” thing they’d have made the cans 444ml. Stella had it right a few years ago when they started making pint size cans.. Ah you can’t go wrong with Stella, well until you beat your wive an she leaves you.

Pete xXx


11 Responses to “The Vier Witch Project”

  1. Yam Yam Dave Says:

    Yam fooking loves carlings its the drink of the gods..

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    […] Peteamania boys don’t cry « The Vier Witch Project […]

  3. Phevans Says:

    The Lovely Carolyn bought a crate of Fosters bottles a few months ago and they turned out to be 275ml! That’s not a drink it’s a bloody insult

  4. petegraham Says:

    Have you seen that fosters with a hint of lime, what a gay invention. That’s just glorified shandy!

    I’m trying a new style at the moment where instead of having a larger with a lime “top”, you buy a larger with a champagne “top”.. exquisite!

    Pete xXx

  5. elliott Says:

    actually i was reading a thing on bbc website the other day, low alcohol beers are apparantly the next big thing they are trying to push…
    that C2 we had in the bridge was just a pilot, they are launching it officially this year… its for lads who “want a cheeky one at lunch time” or something apparantly!

  6. Phevans Says:

    That does sound like an exquisite invention, have you invented a name for it yet? Surely it needs something exquisite. Are most bars willing to sell such a small quantity of champers?

  7. petegraham Says:

    Phevans, I have not yet come up with a name for my invention yet, I am finding most bars are quite reluctant to make it, however bars that sell champagne cocktails often have a open bottle of champers kicking about.

    Ell, I hear there’s this amazing new invention of clear coke, apparently its going to be the next big thing..

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    […] Stella have released a 4% beer called Peeterman Artois to compete against Becks Vier. The beer is served in a exquisite goblet like glass and has a slightly fruitier taste than traditional Stella Artois. When questioned if the Peeterman name was a reference to the increasingly popular Peteamania blog Stella representatives had this to say: […]

  10. Jimmy B Says:

    I have been advised that Vier is available in an odd size in order stop the supermarkets from discounting the arse out of it. Price comparisons are more tricky on smaller cans apparently.

    C2 is being rolled out I am told.

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    […] I was in the local Tesco’s this afternoon doing my weekly shop and stocking up on Vier’s, when something in the fruit and vegetables aisle caught my eye. For some reason the Tesco’s of Guildford had decided to stock their shelves with the biggest Avocado in the world. The beast of a fruit is pictured below. FACT: The Avocado like the tomato is technically a Fruit not a vegetable. […]

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