Heal The World?

I was in the car on my way home the other day listening to the radio because my iPod is broken (bloody Steve Jobs, but that’s a rant for another day), the presenter on the show was talking about the environmental problems the world faces and how we should all be doing our bit to stop wasting energy. I’m all up for us doing our bit for the Planet, I used to watch Captain Planet[1], it was a great show! Suggested ways or saving energy were switching your TV off instead of having it on standby and only plugging your phone in until it’s charged. Now telling people to do these things is fine but how many of them are actually going to bother doing it and how long for? I’ll tell you: Not many and not for long!

Surely, surely we’d be far better of if Mobile phones were designed to stop using electricity once they’ve charged and if TVs actually just switch off instead of going on standby. I remember being lectured at school about not leaving the TV on standby so its not like its a new problem. I’m not talking about getting up and switching the TV off at the button like a man from the Past, why can’t they design a TV so the remote control can switch the TV off and on?

What is it exactly that we “Standing-by” for? Its almost as if the manufacturers are trying to trick us into wasting energy! If the devices were designed to automatically not waste energy then people wouldn’t need to think about it. I’m sure they are technicalities involved but you’d think some clever engineer somewhere could come up with a solution.

Anyway that’s my rant over until next time THE POWER IS YOURS!

[1] For those of you too young to remember Captain Planet he was a big blue buff guy that could fly and loved tree’s, the environment, recycling, that sort of thing. Captain Planet had a crew called The Planeteers who all had magical rings (ooh urrr), and when they touched their rings magical things would happen. As I said it was a great show. Captain Planet was similar in many ways to Toxic Crusaders another Action Cartoon from the mid-nineties where the good guys battled pollution.


6 Responses to “Heal The World?”

  1. Kyle Nene Says:

    For some reason you got me thinking of that film face-off. You heard about that face transplants right? and also there is technology that can change your accent when you speak! I remember thinking it was all a ridiculous but entertaining idea when i watched that film. Now it’s all become true….

  2. petegraham Says:

    I’ve not heard about the accent technology but I did see a story on the BBC website about some woman getting a face transplant. Face off is a great film, I love the Travolta’s!

    Mobile (camera) phones, PDA’s, the Internet, microwave ovens, it’s amazing the technology around today which would have been seen as Science Fiction a few decades ago. I’m just waiting for the Scientists to pull their fingers out and start producing Hover cars.. and boards 😉

  3. Phevans Says:

    Hello Pete Graham what a lovely blog, with all these rounded corners and gradients it feels very web 2.0 indeed.

    Now I have to take issue with you here, you’re clearly not bearing the SCIENCE in mind here, as we all know it’s all about the SCIENCE. The main thing a phone charger does is act as a transformer, if you remember Mr. Rawling’s physics lessons at all you’ll recall that a transformer is basically two big coils sat next to each other. Using the power of SCIENCE we can now see that there will always be current flowing through the first coil so of course phone chargers use power all the time! This is SCIENCE and CANNOT BE CHANGED

    Anyone would think you were a creationist or something

  4. petegraham Says:

    I was never taught by Mr Rawlings, he was before my time at William Brookes.

    Well Phevans surely, SURELY you could have the phone emit some sort of feedback signal to the charger once it’s fully charged. Then theoretically couldn’t the charger have a micro-switch that breaks the circuit once the feedback signal is received thus preventing it from using excess electricity?

  5. elliott Says:

    have u seen that episode of family guy where peter has that section on tv called “What Grinds My Gears”?
    this all reminds me of that, though its a) not a cartoon b) a lot more geeky

    bring back the olly owen section!!!!!!

  6. petegraham Says:

    Ell, I think I’ve still got the files for the olly owen section on one of my old pc’s, will have to stick it back up. Not seen that family guy episode, have you got it on DVD?

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