Pete Graham Website 2.0

What’s all this about then Pete?

Yes well this will be the first personal website that I’ve run since the Pete Graham website of the late 90’s (it was very popular in its day I tell you!).

As a website developer I decided it was about time I had more of a web presence than just my MySpace page. Instead of coming up with some ridiculous ideas for a series of sizes that will never materialise (world of pete anyone?) I decided that I’d start a Blog an would see if I could stick to it.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be putting in entries about the thoughts, life and general ramblings of Pete Graham.

Anyway one thing that’s amused me greatly today is Urban Dictionary, especially this definition of the popular phrase: “Get your Rat Out”

ps. Tryed finding a link to the Old Pete Graham site using upsettingly it doesn’t work.


3 Responses to “Pete Graham Website 2.0”

  1. Kyle Nene Says:

    First Time Graham.

    The First Time Graham concept was initially conceived at the Arena of Arnesby, Nottingyam. The idea was essentially a TV show featuring none other that Pete Graham, doing things for the first time. Many features were researched, a theme tune was written, guests had agreed to appear on the show. Unfortunately, the project got shelved due to a lack of time and core funding. Now that the 86.4% of the initial production team have relocated to the London area, the project may be resumed, but rumours are the initial cast have still not settled their differences since the turbulent events of the coke cola years from their time in Nottingyam. Some members have become incredibly weak, others never recovered from the constant mocking and the rest drank too much coke and have seemingly disappeared.

  2. Dr Says:

    I pity the fool…

  3. Moyles monster Says:

    Hey there grahoom!

    I love the egg puns! Hilarious!

    Id like to see more of this first time graham business.


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